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Yoni Healing - The Power Of Sacred Sexual Healing Bodywork

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Yoni is the sacred cave of our bodies as women. It's a space of creativity, femininity, stillness and more. Yoni is also a sensitive part of our bodies. It can carry the memory of trauma, sadness, heart ache, physical pain and more. Yoni healing is an incredibly powerful way to connect to the innate feminine wisdom within your body. I first discovered Tantra over a decade ago. I'd experienced a fair amount of sexual trauma in my twenties. I had regular Tantric healing body work for a while. I can honestly say that Yoni healing changed my life.

Our bodies are amazing. There is a saying: "Your body keeps the score." It's very true. The cells of your body contain the memory of your life. When we experience trauma, stress, regular negative experiences the body can begin to numb itself as a form of protection. We call this " armouring." This can lead us to experience less pleasure from our bodies. But more than that, this numbness will affect other areas of our lives. We'll feel less engaged with life. Perhaps we'll withdraw. We may feel an emptiness. We may be less confident. This armouring can express itself in many different ways. Even after over twenty years of working with embodiment, I'm always amazed at how our relationship to our bodies affects every other level of our being.

Yoni healing is an ancient practice. Traditionally done by women for women, It's sister healing sister. Yoni healing combines breathwork, bodywork, sound and movement to release the armouring caused by stress, trauma and the negative experiences of life. Within a Yoni healing session, is a safe space to release unexpressed emotions held within the body. It's a time when your body has a chance to speak. It's also a great way to begin listening to your body and to voice it's authentic needs. You intuitively lead the session with my help and as your therapist, I am "the hand of shakti."

Yoni healing is an empowering practice, that strengthens your relationship to your body and your Yoni. Once you've experienced it with an skilled practitioner, you then have the knowledge to practice on yourself and can practice as often as you like. After your first Yoni healing, you'll notice you feel more centred, grounded and peaceful.

I offer Yoni healing from Glastonbury Town, UK. Curious about Yoni healing? Book your free 15 minute consultation with me via skype or Zoom here.

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