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One To One Healing Session's For Women.

 As well as teaching dance I have been a body worker and healer for over twenty years and a practitioner of Sacred Sexuality and certified Sex Coach for over a decade. I offer bespoke healing session's to women in Glastonbury. As a Pagan Priestess you have the option to receive a blessing from the Goddess with your treatment. I do require a deposit for these sessions. Please contact me to book your place.

NEW! I have created a new signature range of sacred sexuality rituals for women here in Glastonbury.  Click here to find out more.

Sacred Sexuality Session's For Women:

Sacred Yoni Healing:

Yoni healing is an ancient practice combining bodywork, breathwork and movement to release trauma held within the body. Particularly the Yoni. Trauma can be caused by a number of things, emotional, physical or mental stress, operations, bad sexual experiences and more. Yoni healing is a time for you to reconnect to the wisdom of your body, to find your voice and your authority and to relax and release. This is a deep healing practice for your body that takes around three hours.


Price: 3 hours: £350  

Yoni Steaming:

A deep energetic cleanse for your womb and Yoni,Yoni steaming combines herbs and steam to heal and deepen your connection to the wisdom of your Yoni. We'll begin this sacred practice with a Tantric Yoni meditation. Herbs will then be especially selected to suit your individual intentions.

Price:1 Hour: £70

Relaxing Back Massage

Body Massage:

Holistic Massage: Ease muscular aches and tension and relax the body and mind with this medium pressure massage.

Deep Tissue: Release deeper knots and tension with this deeper pressure massage.

Lomi Lomi: Otherwise known as "Loving Hands Massage", this light pressured, traditional Hawaiian style of massage is soothing and calming for your mind and body.


1 hour: £70

90 minutes: £105

2 hours: £140


I offer Usui Reiki. Usui Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing. It is very calming and great for anxiety, stress, Insomnia and some physical ailments. Usui Reiki can be received on its own or combined with another treatment. Please email me for more details.


1 Hour: £70

90 Minutes: £105

2 Hours: £140

Past Life Regression:

Past Life regression can be a fantastic way to bring understanding and resolution to re-occurring emotional patterns, unusual connections to people and places, re-occurring dreams, emotions, thought and more. You can even explore positive past lives. I use hypnosis to safely regress you into relaxed, trance state. Then you'll find your past life memories will begin to arise. Past life regression can be combined with Reiki.


90 Mins: £130

Reiki Treatment
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