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Body Image: Honouring Your Body As The Temple.

It seems to me, that many women struggle with body image, self acceptance and more. We are constantly bombarded with images and opinions on what our bodies should look like. If our body doesn't fit that image, we can be met with criticism from others, and also from ourselves. We are listening to our own thoughts. If our thoughts about ourselves are not kind, we may begin to buy into an idea that we are not enough. How can we begin to cultivate a healthy body image and build self acceptance?

I have struggled with body image. The industries (beauty and sexuality) I have worked in have always held a critical eye over woman's appearance. As I have aged, I don't necessarily fit the mold any more. I have noticed though, that as I have aged I certainly care less about that. As it really isn't as important as I thought it was when I was younger! There's so much more to us isn't there after all? When you're attracted to a person, you'll be attracted to more than what their body looks like.

Tantra and solo tantric practice have helped me immensely with my body image. Taking a little time out once a week to sit with your body and honour it as the sacred vessel that it is, can be incredibly beneficial in changing negative thoughts about your body. I'm enclosing a Neo Tantric ritual with this blog. I hope you find the time to practice it, and that it helps you honour yourself and your body as an aspect of Goddess.

Blessed Be!

Body Love -
Cultivate A Healthy Body Image

A Solo Tantric Practice For Body Love:

You will need:

  • A large mirror - preferably full length

  • A scented oil or body lotion that you love. You could use essential oils. I love rose otto or jasmine. Something that feels luxurious.

Create your sacred space. Choose a quiet time where you will not be disturbed. Make the room warm and comfortable. Light some candles and incense. Play some soft, soothing music. Give yourself a minimum of thirty minutes for this practice.

Come in front of the mirror, Get yourself comfortable. Close your eyes and take some deep, cleansing breaths.

Cup your Yoni with your hands. Breathe into the warmth of your hands and allow your presence to move down into Her. Take a few moments here. Breathe into every cell, nerve ending, blood vessel in Yoni. Mentally honour her as a very sacred part of you. Think of your intention for this practice. Then, mentally ask Yoni for an affirmation or a set of words to honour each part of your body. For example: "My body is a sacred vessel of Goddess and I honour and bless it." Make it your own.

When you have your affirmation, pick up your oil and begin at your feet. Massage the oil into your feet. Do this consciously. Breathe into every touch that you give yourself. Approach it as though it were a meditation. Breathe into every cell, nerve ending and blood vessel. Speak your mantra as you use this conscious, loving touch on yourself. You can look at your body part as you do this. Or you can make soft eye contact in the mirror. Experiment with what feels better. Remember to breathe deeply as you do this.

Move up to your ankles now and repeat the process. Do this all the way up your body on your:

legs, knees, thighs, hips, Yoni, buttocks, back, breasts, heart ,shoulders, arms, elbows, wrists, hands, neck and face.

Remember to breathe deep throughout, giving your finest attention to your touch. These things will help you to cultivate a new healthy body image.

You can finish the practice by looking into your eyes. Focusing particularly on the left eye. This is our feminine, receptive side. If you wish you can mentally ask yourself a question about your path whilst looking into your eyes. Perhaps there is a re-occurring pattern in your life that you would like to know the origins of. Notice the answer that arises. The wisdom of our soul is always there. Eye gazing in the mirror can be a wonderful way to connect with it. Once you receive your answer, spend a few minutes relaxing. Allowing the goodness of the practice to seep into your mind and body.

I hope you enjoyed this practice! With each blog in future, I'll be enclosing a free practice. It could be Tantric meditation, a witchy ritual, belly dance or a combination of all! Please feel free to comment your experiences below.

Blessed be.


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