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Belly Dancing The Elements: Fire.

One of the many things I love about belly dance is the ability to express emotions and passion through the movements. The elements are all around us. They are within us, making up the substance of our bodies. They are also connected to our inner realms and our emotions. Expressing the elements through belly dance works very well. My next series of workshop will be exploring the elements through belly dance. We begin with fire. What does it mean to belly dance fire? Many people will have different relationships to the elements. To me, fire is passion. It's warmth, it's vibrant, it's energy. As we come close to Ostara, the days become longer and brighter. There is more sun around. Belly dancing with the element of fire is the perfect way to burn off those winter cobwebs from the months we've spent hibernating.

What music could describe the vibrance and energy of fire? How about a drum solo? There is something very primal about the combination of drums and fire. Our ancestors would have danced by the fireside and played drums in many locations around the world and in many different cultures for centuries and more. We all have that ancient connection to the combination of fire and drums. Belly dancing to drums takes energy. It is a vibrant, uplifting dance. It can appear complex. But, broken down and learnt slowly it is a dance that is accessible to people of all abilities.

The element of fire relates to confidence too. Have you ever thought to belly dance with fire but been afraid? Belly dancing with palm torches or candles is a great way to build your confidence. Plus it can look hot! No pun intended.

The element of fire expressed through movement can appear as sharper locks and pops. Suitable for drum solo. It can also involve taking up space on the stage, when you think of the speed of a wildfire. It can be expressed through the sensual, romantic movements of flamenco. Flamenco is of course, a very passionate dance!

Fire can also be cleansing and healing! I often fire in releasing ceremonies around full moon time. Want to learn to belly dance with fire? Have a sneaky peak at the choreography here:


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