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Belly Dance, Tantra & Embodiment As A Super Power: Using Belly Dance & Tantra To Reconnect To Our Sensual & Erotic Selves As Women.

Do you feel connected to your sensual, sexual self? If not, would you like to be? Perhaps you have lost contact with Her through busyness, trauma, weariness or something else. Perhaps you never felt particularly connected to Her. It's so easy to forget this part of ourselves. It's even easier to forget how not being connected this part of ourselves can affect our daily lives, or ability to experience pleasure and our general level of confidence.

It's worth noting that knowing ourselves as sensual may not necessarily be a sexual thing. But the two over lap and sensuality is necessary for knowing ourselves as sexual beings.

Being sensual involves becoming very embodied and very present in the moment. It involves using our senses to embrace pleasure. Perhaps enjoying the delicate caress of a feather, or the fresh, soft scent of a rose. Becoming a more sensual being is actually a super power. Because when we are embodied and very present in the moment, we are in touch with the innate wisdom of our bodies. Our bodies are very instinctive, intuitive and sensitive in ways our minds are not. Notice how animals know when there'll be a fire in the forest before we do? They're in tune with nature in ways we aren't. Being more embodied will help us develop a deeper intuition of other's. It can help us make better decisions. It's being in touch with "your gut feeling" and more.

I always knew myself as a sensual, sexual being. But there have been times in my life where I have felt very disconnected to Her. For me, this has mostly been through traumatic experiences, stress and anxiety. There are many reasons a person may disconnect from this side of Herself. Sometimes She can be hijacked through a desire to be loved. We lose our own natural flow of sensuality when we people please and perform too much. This is where belly dance and Tantra can be very helpful.

Belly and Tantra are fantastic, powerful tools for celebrating your own flow of sensuality, and enjoying your sensual flow for yourself. With belly dance and Tantra, there is no need to look a certain way, no need to please anyone else. You can take time for yourself to think about what you like. Then you can celebrate that.

Ask any Tantra practitioner and they will tell you there are many paths within Tantra. I work specifically with the Red Path or Neo Tantra. I discovered Tantra fifteen years ago after experiencing sexual trauma. I went on my own healing journey with it and it really helped me to expand beyond the unpleasant experiences I'd had. It awakened me on so many levels. A solo Tantra practice can be a wonderful, safe and comfortable way to increase your sensuality, get to know your body and your flow of pleasure. In turn, a regular solo Tantra practice will increase self love and self acceptance. In Tantra we work with Kundalini, which is your life force. By regularly working with Kundalini, you'll feel more vibrant and alive in general, every day life.

Belly dance is fantastic for expressing your sensuality. It's a gentle, low impact and fun way to exercise. Movement is very important when it comes to sensuality. In Neo Tantra we say that movement is a way of moving kundalini throughout the body. Your Kundalini sits at the base of the spine. In belly dance there is a lot of movement associated with this part of the body. A lot of shimmying, undulations and more. There is no doubt in my mind, that belly dance teamed with Tantra helped to awaken my Kundalini.

I am dedicating myself to a short daily practice of belly dance and Tantra for the next three weeks and I shall write up my experiences in my next blog.

I offer a monthly online women's circle that incorporates belly dance, Tantra, Goddess Teachings and practices and more. All women from across the globe are welcome. All ages and experience levels. Find out more about my monthly online women's circle here.

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