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The Dark Goddess

I have an up and coming workshop in Glastonbury that involves meeting with the Dark Goddess and dark fusion belly dance. It's happening on 10th December. All are welcome. You'll find details on the website. I hope to see you there!

Who is the Dark Goddess?

The Dark Goddess in Paganism is the side of Goddess associated with winter. She is the time of death, transformation and rebirth. She is in the land as the leaves become brown and golden and fall from the trees. She is in the cold, dark, misty mornings. She is the Crone aspect of Goddess. Wise and kind. Stirring Her cauldron of magic and mystery. She is also the one who stirs up our shadow aspects. As the darkness sets in for winter, She brings up the heavier emotions of our souls. The unresolved aspects of ourselves. She is the Goddess of our shadow. The parts of ourselves that we are taught to oppress in every day society: anger, sadness, fear, depression, unworthiness and more. She is the storms and the dark night of our soul. How do you feel as the winter sets in? How comfortable are you with the darker aspects of your soul?

Personally, I've always felt the presence of the Dark Goddess within. I've always felt afraid of Her. She seemed overwhelming at times. I felt afraid to express that part of myself as She was the unacceptable. The pain, the anger, the rage. But...

As I've continued my training as a Priestess, I've danced with Her often. I've often felt the darkness within my self and I've given Her a chance to dance. A chance to be expressed. A chance to feel beautiful and valued rather than pushed away in the shadows as someone who is unacceptable in our society. And as a result of that, we've begun to make friends. I see Her in a different way now. I see Her as a valuable, beautiful and worthy part of myself rather than someone who needs to be oppressed.

To end this blog, I'd love to share some of my favourite dark fusion belly dance artists and their work:


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