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Priestess Of Goddess - Fully Certified & Insured Massage Therapist & Healer - Sexologist - Reiki Master & Belly Dance Teacher In Glastonbury, Somerset.

New! Monthly online women's circle combining the healing and nourishing powers of women's circle, belly dance, free movement and Goddess teachings and rituals. Beginning on the new moon: Tuesday 7th May 7-9pm.  Find out more here. 

  Distant healing. I can send you or your pets distant healing. I have several different modalities I can use. Please see here to learn more. 

I have a brand new range of sacred sexuality rituals combining the power of Tantra and Paganism, these luxurious rituals are pampering, honouring and designed to cleanse, heal and rejuvenate the spirit. Find out more here.

Are you feeling disconnected from your sensuality?

Are you looking for a deeper connection to your body or your sexuality?

Ever been curious about how Tantra can help you cultivate self love and empowerment?

Lost Your Libido?

I can help.  Contact me using the form below to book a free fifteen minute skype or zoom call.


The benefits of Tantra and Embodiment practices are endless..​

  • Connect with the deep, intuitive wisdom of your body

  • Build body confidence and self love​

  • Re-connect with your feminine, sensual side

  • Improve flexibility and co-ordination

  • Beat anxiety and depression

  • Release stress

  • Express yourself & free your emotions with movement

  • Have fun!

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